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Dezincing Resistant Brass Rod BRASS ROD

Z34 ZOO DR5  IS H3250 C3531

Here is the lineup of the multi-spec “dezincing resistant brass rod” which has a fine balance of corrosion resistant, free-cutting performance and forging performance at a high level. As they are now standardized by JIS, the wider selections of material became available.

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■The characteristics of SAN-ETSU’s dezincing resistant brass rod

SAN-ETSU METALS offers a full lineup of dezincing resistant brass rod to fulfill various needs of customers under different types of use situations by adjusting the dezincing resistant and free-cutting performance as well as the heat treatment application as required.

New alloy Z00

ZOO JIS H3250 C3531

The traditional dezincing resistant brass rod requires a heat treatment after machining when applying a hot forming process. Unless controlling the crystal by the heat treatment, the high level of dezincing resistant performance was not achieved.
SAN-ETSU METALS’ Z00 is a new revolutionary alloy with the highest level of dezincing resistant performance without heat treatment after the hot forming process, developed by our latest crystal control technology.

■ZOO Chemical Composition Unit %

Cu Pb Fe Sn Others Zn
62.5 1.5 0.1 2.0 0.15 Residue

ZOO Properties

Further enhancement of productivity and cost performance

When applying the heat treatment after hot forming, it requires not only the equipment, technology and traceability system for the process but also the system to control the metal structure changes which cannot be inspected visually.
However, Z00 requires no heat treatment after hot forming yet be able to offer the corrosion resistant performance at the equivalent level of the traditional dezincing resistant brass rod. It also significantly reduces manufacturing time and energy cost.



Z34 JISH3250 C3531

A standard dezincing resistant brass rod with the highest level of dezincing resistance and erosion/corrosion resistance performance while minimizing the deterioration of machinability. It already is applied to the various areas including water sections at home (kitchen, bathrooms and others).

■Z34 Chemical Composition Unit %

Cu Pb Fe Sn Others Zn
61.5 2.7 0.1 0.9 0.10 Residue

Z34 Properties

The top level of “dezincing resistant performance” and “erosion/corrosion resistant performance” in the industry

Z34 was developed to be used for the locations with a direct contact with water, which is a very tough condition for brass materials. The highest level of performance was realized through the ultimate research on the optimal balance of elements and the thorough quality control.


About the maximum corrosion depth

DR5 JIS H3250 C3531

While a high dezincing resistant performance is required, the same level of machinability as C3604 is often also required at the same time. SAN-ETSU can offer DR5 as a perfect solution to such a request by achieving an optimal balance between the conflicting performance of dezincing resistant and machinability.

■DR5 Chemical Composition Unit %

Cu Pb Fe Sn Others Zn
61.5 2.95 0.35 0.10 Residue

C3604 Equivalent Machinability

The machinability index was calculated based on the machining resistance (C3604 to be 100). The result of DR5 shows the equivalent value with C3604 indicating the great machinability. It is now possible to reduce the tooling ware and damages.

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