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Superb Material Properties and Use of Brass MATERIALS PROPERTIES AND USE

Brass material offers a various superb characteristics and can be used for a wide range of purposes.

It is used for many applications around us and absolutely imperative for the state-of-the-art industries and our daily lives.

  • Electric Conductivity

    Brass has a higher electric conductivity comparing to other types of alloy and used for a variety of electrical products.

    ■Application Examples
    Electrical outlet (Power point)
    Pins for fluorescent light
  • Hot Forming Performance

    Brass has a great hot forming property and easily be forged into complicated shapes by heating up to 600 to 800 degrees C.

    ■Application Examples
    Burner head
    of gas stove
  • Malleability

    Brass has an excellent malleability and is suitable for striking and stretching processes.

    ■Application Examples
  • Rolling and Caulking Performance

    Brass has a high level of secondary workability and offers great rolling (pressure transfer) and caulking properties.

    ■Application Examples
  • Machinability

    Brass including lead and bismuth is superior in machinability and often used for precision parts such as watches and water/gas pipes which requires a very high precision workability. The machining tools used for brass is normally longer than for other metal materials.

    ■Application Examples
    Precision machining parts
    Tire tube valve
  • Easiness of Plating and Soldering

    The gold, silver, chrome and nickel plating can easily be applied to brass, therefore it is widely used for a variety of daily commodities and plumbing products including parts used in kitchens and bathrooms.

    ■Application Examples
    Plating nut
    Faucet and others
  • Non-magnetic Property

    Brass has no magnetic property and is absolutely necessary to manufacture the components used for electrical meters.

    ■Application Examples
    Electric equipment
    Meter for automobile
    Mater frame
  • Thermal Conductivity

    Brass offers a high thermal conductivity and used for heat exchangers etc.

    ■Application Examples
    Instant water heater
    Air conditioner
    Radiator for automobile