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Gathering Expectations, Fulfilling Expectations, Beyond Expectations That is SAN-ETSU METALS. / Managing Director Hiroyuki Tsuriya

SAN-ETSU METALS Co., Ltd. is the largest brass rod and brass wire supplier in Japan. We are not only a material supplier but also a manufacturer of brass products using our own brass materials. We forge and machine at our precision plant and Dalian San-Etsu Precision Parts Co., Ltd. in Dalian and our products are highly evaluated by our customers. Also, we now have sales bases in Taiwan, Shanghai, Dalian and Shenzhen establishing a firm ground and presence as a top brand of Japan-made brass products in China. CK SAN-ETSU Co., Ltd. is a non-operating holding company listed on the stock exchanges of the Nagoya Stock Exchange, and the mother company of SAN-ETSU METALS.

Our technical capability has a reputation for its quality. The “BZ series”, our new and revolutionary alloy with no use of lead and cadmium, is truly environmentally friendly and widely applied to the products in electronic, electric and automotive industries.

There are clear reasons for being the top maker of the industry. SAN-ETSU METALS was established in December of 1937 and was previously called San-Etsu Metals Industry Co., Ltd. (the precursor of Takaoka Office). In 1984, San-Etsu Metals Industry Co., Ltd. merged with Hokuriku Kinzoku Co., Ltd. (the precursor of Tonami Office) and became SAN-ETSU METALS. Also in April of 2000, Sumitomo Metal Mining co., Ltd. transferred their brass wire business to SAN-ETSU METALS. Furthermore, in October of 2007, all business of Shin Nitto Kinzoku Co., Ltd. was transferred to SAN-ETSU METALS. In summary, SAN-ETSU METALS Co., Ltd. is a leading company build though the integration of major four companies of brass rod and wire.

Continuously into the future, we will take an advantage of occupying the top share in Japan and maximize the benefit from economies of scale, while making our very best effort into improving our state-of-the-art technology and being a company which can gather customer expectations, fulfill those expectations, and go beyond the expectations.


Hiroyuki Tsuriya
Date of Birth
November 12,1958

March 1977 Graduated from Shibukawa High School in Gunma-prefecture

March 1982 Graduated from Shinshu University Facility of Economics


April, 1982 Entered The Hokuriku Bank Ltd., worked at Takaoka Station Branch Office and Asahikawa Omachi Branch Office

April, 1986 Entered CK Metals Ltd., and worked at the main office (Takaoka-city, Toyama-prefecture) and Tokyo Office

April, 1997 Managing Director of CK Metal Ltd. (present post)

June, 2000 Managing Director of SAN-ETSU METALS Co., Ltd. (present post)

October, 2011 Managing Director of CK SAN-ETSU Co., Ltd. (present post)

December, 2011 Managing Director of Riken Corporation CKJV (Present post)

Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Registered Smaller Enterprise Consultant (April, 1993)
The Chairman’s Award of J-SMECA (Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultant Symposium, October 1996)
“One Observation of Multi-Item Inventory Management System” published by Doyukan, Enterprise Consultant(1996.12.) etc.

Managing Director of Fushiki Kairiku Unso Co., Ltd.

Director of Dalian San-Etsu Precision Parts Co., Ltd.

Director of San-Etsu Metals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Administration Officer of Japan Coper and Brass Association (JCBA)

Administration Officer of Japan Pipe Fittings Association (JPFA)