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SAN-ETSU METALS Co., Ltd.  Environmental Charter SAN-ETSU METALS Co., Ltd. obtained “ISO14001”, the International Environmental Management Standard. We are proactively involved with the activities to improve environment.
■Registered Areas
Designing, Development, Manufacturing and Servicing of Copper and Copper Alloy Rod, Copper Alloy Tube, Copper and Copper Alloy Wire, Copper Alloy Forging Parts and Copper Alloy Machining Parts

Quality and Environmental Policy

  • 1.

    In addition to meeting the quality requirements, we will evaluate the environmental impact of our activities and products, and exert our effort into contentiously improve the integrated management system of quality and environment.

  • 2.

    In addition to the compliance of quality and environmental regulations, regulatory requirements, and other agreements, we will set our own environmental control standards to prevent contamination and protect the environment.

  • 3.

    We set the below targets for our activities, products and services from the quality and environmental perspectives.

    • (1)We will produce what customers want inexpensively, quickly and efficiently.
    • (2)We will aim for No.1 quality in the world.
    • (3)We will promote the environmental improvement through 5S activities.
    • (4)We will work on improving yield rate and energy conservation.
    • (5)We will exert our effort in making environmentally-conscious products with no harmful substances.
    • (6)We will promote resource saving by thorough separation of waste products.
    • (7)We will make the best use of human resources.
  • 4.

    We implement the integrated management system to continuously improve ourselves by drafting plans, executing the plans and evaluate and review the results in order to achieve the quality and environmental targets and objectives.

  • 5.

    We put our quality and environmental policy in writing to penetrate it through all employees through internal trainings and promotion activities, hence heighten the awareness towards the customers and interested parties satisfaction. As requested, we will disclose the policy to the public.