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  • SAN-ETSU METALS Corporate Profile

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    Corporate information on SAN-ETSU METALS Co., Ltd. including company and product information
    Data Size:4.81MB
  • Special Plated Wires

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    Data Size:983.35KB
  • Low Lead Brass Rod

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    A full lineup to fulfil variety of needs with a fine balance of machinability, forging and dezincing resistant performance
    Data Size:1.59MB
  • Lead Free BZ Series

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    Fully complied with RoHS/ELV. Brass rod without SOC (lead and cadmium)
    Data Size:492.7KB
  • Dezincing Resistant Brass Rod

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    The multi-spec dezincing resistant brass rod with a fine balance in corrosion resistance, free-cutting and forging performance at a high level
    Data Size:808.61KB
  • Phosphor Bronze Wire

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    The alloy with characteristics such as malleability, conductivity, high strength, spring property, heat resistance and corrosion resistance etc.
    Data Size:773.95KB
  • Reflow Tin Plated Copper Wire

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    An integrated manufacturing from the melting/forging process to finish plating process. Used for electric and electronic parts such as connectors.
    Data Size:638.54KB
  • Special Copper Alloy Wire

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    A wide variety of alloy with superb strength, electrical and thermal conductivity, heat resistance, machinability, malleability, corrosion resistance and cold workability etc.
    Data Size:703.91KB
  • CK SAN-ETSU Corporate Information

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    The corporate profile of CK SAN-ETSU Co. Ltd., the mother company of SAN-ETSU METALS
    Data Size:9.63MB
  • SAN-ETSU METALS (SHANGHI) Corporate Information

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    The corporate profile of SAN-ETSU METALS (CHANGHI) Co., Ltd., the locally incorporated company in China
    Data Size:12.68MB

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