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The technologies of SAN-ETSU METALS serve you in a variety of scenes of your life.
We would like to introduce some of them.

  • Digital Camera

    With the same level of strength, machinability, corrosion resistance, electric/thermal conductivity and non-magnetic performance with cast iron materials, it is used for many application for electric and electronic device components. It also is applied to connecters, special screws and pins as well as mount and focus structure components of digital single-lens reflex cameras.

  • Computers

    With a superb electric conductivity and malleability, it is used for the terminal parts for computers, motor of HDD and special screws etc.
    Brass wire such as reflow tin plated copper wire is used for the connecters for computers and auxiliary units.

  • Cell Phones

    With a great machinability, electric conductivity and non-magnetic performance, it is used for house appliances components.
    Brass rod is applied to terminals for a charger, components for antenna and camera components.

  • Florescent Lights

    With an excellent malleability and electric conductivity, it is machined into different types of terminals.
    Terminals for florescent lights are made of brass wire.

  • Earphone Jacks

    Brass materials are often used for jacks which require high conductivity, as it has a high conductivity and low resistance.
    The tip of the part is made of brass rod and the exposed surface is electroplated.

  • Tire Valves

    With a superb machinability, malleability, electric/thermal conductivity and non-magnetic performance, it is used for various applications of automotive and electrical parts.
    Brass rod is used for the valve to enter air into tire tubes.

  • Outside Unit of Air Conditioners

    Brass materials are often used for heat exchanger and cooling units which require a good thermal conductivity.
    Brass rod is used mainly for compressor related components.