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Our product occupies 90% share of
world market.
Flexible responses on variety of demands.

Joined in 2009 Hiroki Nanayama Precision Plant: Machining Department,Chief Clerk Hometown: Toyama

Manufacturing precision parts with high accuracy.

I work for Precision Plant where we machine the brass alloy produced in-house to create a variety of precision parts. We make lends mount for single-lens reflex cameras which occupies 90% of the world market share, and other electric and automotive related components. I am responsible for programming of the state-of-the-art CNC machines and machining centers as well as teaching production robots. All of our products require the accuracy of micron level. I am excreting much efforts into accurately setting the equipment conditions and selecting appropriate tools on daily bases.

Maximizing the strength of integrated production line.

SAN-ETSU METALS develops materials such as new alloy in-house, and there are many opportunities for us to test prototypes using the materials under the development. This is a strength of our company but at the same time, it is very critical to have multi-perspective capabilities to analyze data and research on equipment and tools also. I am looking forward to being a part of such research project in a near future.

No boundaries of major or expertise from school days!

I majored in liberal arts in school and did not study engineering including metals or materials at all. However I was always interested in the manufacturing field with machines and engineering, so although I was not majored in science or engineering during school, I hoped to work for a metal or machine manufacturers. However the reality was not that easy. Almost all the manufacturers were looking for graduates with science/engineering background. Then I heard that SAN-ETSU METALS does not limit their openings for people with science/engineering background, so although I was half in doubt, I decided to participate in their orientation. Their presentation in the orientation convinced me that it was true and also leaned SAN-ETSU METALS would support us with necessary classes/lectures and acquisition of qualifications after entering the company. This company is willing to support those who are with positive enthusiasm. There may be some students who share the same concerns I had, but I can confidently say that you can trust me on this. SAN-ETSU METALS is a company which will offer great opportunities to those people like you.

(January, 2014)

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