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System to supply high quality material
Cultivating human resources in the
department to support such system.

Joined in 2004 Narutoshi Fujii Tonami Plant: Casting Department, Assistant Manager Hometown: Toyama

The department supporting the fundamentals of product quality.

SAN-ETSU METALS implements the integrated production system to constantly offer high quality materials. I am a part of Casting Department and the casting is the very first process in the entire production system. To explain our responsibilities briefly, we melt strictly selected materials such as copper, zinc and additives and cast them into copper alloy ingot. Meting and casting determine the very basic product quality. Therefore, it requires much higher sensitivity than it looks and the required characteristics are different depending upon the final products. I am currently putting much efforts into making improvement on process efficiency. By the way, the internal standard of SAN-ETSU METALS is more stringent than JIS Standard.

Leaning from training others.

One of the most important things I must think now is how to cultivate subordinates and younger generations. Time flies and it already has been 10 years since I joined SAN-ETSU METALS. There are many new young members come to join us every year, and I was in the position to train those younger generations before I knew it. And what I realized through this experience is how helpful the past instructions and supports from my bosses were for me. At the same time, I had a concern whether I could really “train my trainees in the same way my bosses have done for me”, but I suppose I can take a stance of learning together with them instead of teaching them. And the environment of this company allows me to do so as we have a very strong camaraderie. I am still in the midst of growing process myself. I truly believe that SAN-ETSU METALS will grow into a company to be known for its development capabilities not only by the people in the industry but also by general people outside the industry in a near future.

A fulfilling private life.

I am getting better at drawing a clear line between my work and private life. As I spend precious time to polish up my car on days off, I can recharge my energy to go back to work again. My current car is a “Hammer” which I really wanted to own from when I was a student. After four years with SAN-ETSU METALS, I had become an owner of my dream car. The quality of private life and work life is proportional in my opinion. I enjoy spending my time together with active people in both work and private life.

(January, 2014)

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