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Satisfaction of contributing to the
social economy. Appreciation for
my company to give me a chance to feel it.

Joined in 2005 Shigeo Koga Sales Division: Tokyo Office,Manager Hometown: Tokyo

Enjoy working as a sales representative.

I have been with SAN-ETSU METALS for nice years and my current responsibility includes the support for the existing customers, training of subordinates and their supports. Meanwhile I still believe that the core scope of work for sales and marketing is to find the new market opportunities and to facilitate the new product development. The definition of sales and marketing job at SAN-ETSU METALS is not only “to sell products”. For an example, when there is a new project launched to develop a new product at a car, camera or electric device manufacturer, SAN-ETSU METALS will try to be a part of the project from the very early stage by presenting our capabilities and proposing what we can do for them. This type of proposal activity is a central part of our sales and marketing job.

Breaking a new ground.

Especially when you are trying to get a business with a brand new customer and it finally goes successfully, the sense of achievement is something so special that the only ones actually went through the experience can truly describe. In the past, I had worked on a customer for three years to get a contract concluded and when I finally did it, I was simply just so pleased to have this job from the bottom of my heart.

My idea was realized into a product!

Another perspective of sense of achievement is when our products give a perfect solution or idea to our customers. There are various types of issues in need of solutions; for a better material or function, for resolving environmental problems etc. We gather our ideas and opinions and share them with our product development team, and they materialize them into new products. SAN-ETSU METALS offers so many “the-first-in-industry” products developed through this type of processes. This is exactly what makes us different from sales/marketing of ordinary companies and exactly when I can feel the true meaning of my job.

With a global perspective.

Our market goes beyond the border. I go on business trips to China, where we have our sales base, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia and other countries almost every month. SAN-ETSU METALS offers a global stage for even younger generations to display their capabilities. I am very much looking forward to working with many more new team members who can think outside the box with a great deal of curiosity.

(January, 2014)

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