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From the first year with this company,
I felt that I am a part of the leading
company of the industry.

Joined in 2012 Ryoma Tsuda Sales Department: Tokyo Office Hometown: Toyama

The “name” can be a marketing tool.

By the way, I wonder how many people can actually read my name correctly when I write it in Kanji (one of the Japanese characters). My name is Ryoma, the same name as Ryoma Sakamoto (one of the most famous historical figures in Japan). But the kanji does not necessarily represent the way it is read, so many people would ask me how to read it. As I am in charge of sales, this can be an icebreaker when I meet with people for the first time. And more importantly, it is easier for them to remember my name. It is a very useful tool for my sales activities.

Be in charge of customers from the very first year!

I am with SAN-ETSU METALS for two years now. Soon after I joined the company, I was placed to the Sales Department at Tokyo Office. Then immediately, I was assigned to be in charge of some of SAN-ESTU’s major customers. Of course, supports from my senior colleagues were absolutely necessary for my daily marketing work. My current customers are some of the major suppliers of the field, and people I work with outside SAN-ETSU MEATLS are from the top class trading companies. These facts make me realize that I am also a part of “the leading company of the industry” and feel the criticality of my responsibilities. Meanwhile, I did not have to feel too much pressure because of my bosses and senior colleagues being so laid back.

Challenges and outcomes are proportional.

SAN-ETSU METALS gives fair opportunities to all employees of all departments including newcomers. Furthermore, it is one of the positive company cultures that everyone is open to others’ opinions and ideas for consideration. Therefore, as long as we really want to do something, then “anything can happen”. It sounds like a dream, but it can be a reality here at SAN-ETSU METALS. Also, the worthy outcome is highly evaluated, more than I expected, thus there are many young management. When I talk to my friends from collage, they often say I am getting paid too much! :)

Challengers are welcomed.

There are many different reasons for choosing a company to work for. I can say with a confidence that SAN-ETSU METALS is a perfect company for those with “enthusiasm”. SAN-ETSU METALS has a long history and the business is very stable but at the same time, it has much potential for further growth in the future. We are looking forward to working with many more team members together.

(January, 2014)

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