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absolutely necessary
for the growth of myself.

Joined in 2012 Chiemi Kida Main Office: Administrative Department Hometown: Toyama

Comfort given from my senior colleagues.

The Administrative Department is a department to facilitate a work environment where all employees can work comfortably. My current responsibility is mainly accounting work in addition to serving customers and visitors at the reception as well as over the phone. Especially for the accounting work, I must pay an extra attention at all times as I manage receivables and payables for all offices and sales department. I joined SAN-ETSU MEATLS two years ago and I had no experiences or knowledge in accounting before then. My major in college was humanities and accounting was not a part of my field at all. Naturally, I was really nervous when I joined the company not knowing even the basics of accounting including its fundamental terminologies. However because of my senior colleagues being so kind and generous teaching me so much, I was no longer uncomfortable or nervous after a month of being here. My boss always gave me very sound advices perhaps because of our ages being very close. My current goal is to be an expert in clerical work whom all my colleagues can rely on.

Surprising benefit package of the company!

What I was first surprised with when I joined SAN-ETSU METALS was the benefit package they offer to their employees. For an example, we went to Hawaii as a company trip last year. The trip was so much more luxurious than the trips I made during my school days. And I spend my private time with many of my colleagues too, therefore the company trip was just like a trip with my really good friends. In addition, the company strongly supports us by covering the expenses of taking a certification courses and participating seminars and so on. Needless to say, our efforts in work place are all highly evaluated regardless of our ages.

Many learning opportunities from many people.

SAN-ETSU METALS is the best place for me to grow myself by learning from many of my colleagues and bosses including management. There are also many young management members and I learn many things from them not only during work but also outside of work. Tonami is my hometown where I grew up in. I am so thankful that I could meet such wonderful team members whom I share the same passion with in this wonderful city of Tonami where beautiful tulips can be seen everywhere in springs.

(January, 2014)

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