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I am starting to appreciate the
attractiveness of manufacturing.
I want to try developing
new materials in the future.

Joined in 2011 Toshinori Mori Shin Nitto Plant: Quality Control Department, Chief Clerk Hometown: Nagasaki

Sense of achievement when reaching the goal.

I am currently in charge of the performance evaluation including pulling tests, observations of metal structures and hardness tests for the products manufactured at Shin Nitto Plant. With these tests, we assure the quality of our products. However, the internal quality standard of SAN-ETSU METALS are very strict and not all the products can always meet the standard. In such a case, I am responsible for finding the true cause of the issues and come up with a solution. And when my solution brings the expected result and achieve the criteria, I feel the indescribable sense of achievement in what I do.

My expectation grew much more after joining the company.

As I majored in metallic and material engineering in collage, I was planning to work in metal-working industry. The current work place including the company and department is exactly what I hoped for. However, the company orientation and interviews were all held here at Shin Nitto Plant only, thus I had no opportunity to visit the main plant in Tonami until the new employee orientation after I joined SAN-ETSU METALS. At that time, I for the first time could feel and confirm the true scale of SAN-ETSU METALS and its role in the industry, and all the colleagues and bosses are much younger and friendlier than I imagined. I clearly remember that it made me very comfortable and brought me much higher expectations for the future with this company.

Learned how fun it is to “think”.

Recently, I started to feel the true sense of enjoyment in production technology development. Not only to follow the procedures to produce the same thing, always to think how to make them more efficiently and improve their quality. I now think this “thinking process” is a fun part.

Open up opportunities by myself.

SAN-ETSU METALS already gave me many opportunities to try new things from the first year with the company. For any types of opinions and ideas, the attitude of “let’s try it” is the culture of this company. All team members are open for anyone’s opinion including new comers. It really is a positive work environment for those who are proactive. Shin Nitto Plant is continuously advancing no less than the Main Plant. Of course, I will keep trying my best to continuously grow together.

(January, 2014)

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