RECRUIT2018 〜 Enjoy Work & Life 〜

MESSAGE Corporate Message

To be a company that gathers expectations, fulfills Expectations, and go beyond Expectations,
We want new team members whom we can learn and grow with.

Cherishing the enthusiasm

SAN-ESTU METALS offers many opportunities to those with dreams and enthusiasm regardless of their age.
The fully prepared training system well-supports such opportunities.

Find your own profession

SAN-ETSU devotes much effort to place the right people in the right jobs, since we believe it will allow those people to display their best ability and the individuals’ growth, in the end, will contribute to the benefit of the company. Once you join us, please find your own expertise through many experiences and find and pursue your profession.

Employees are important partners
  • All employees are our important partners. This concept is proven by our excellent benefit program. We place much importance on the events such as company trips to overseas to heighten employees’ motivation.
The company continues to leap forward globally

By turning our high quality and leading edge technology and dreams of our young and enthusiastic employees into our strength, SAN-ETSU METALS will continue to lead the new era of manufacturing.