RECRUIT2018 〜 Enjoy Work & Life 〜

BENEFIT Benefit Program

We aim for No.1 also in benefit package.

SAN-ETSU METALS believes that each employee is a very important partner of the company. We offer the full-blown benefit package for our employees.
We aim for the top level of bonus in the area, and maintained average of 1,000,000 yen per employee from the winter of 2010 to the winter of 2016.
In addition, we will pay for the company trips. We recently went to Australia (2007), Korea (2008), Hokkaido (2010), Okinawa (2011), Hawaii (2013), Kyushu (2014), Las Vegas (2015), Hokkaido (2016), and Singapore (2017 scheduled). Through these trips and parties, our employees can interact with each other to deepen the relationship and widen their perspectives on things, and in the end, it would lead to the growth of our company. Furthermore, we recommend our employees to take paid vacations at the same time to minimize the unnecessary work and overtime, believing it would facilitate the fulfilling private lives.
SAN-ETSU METALS aims to be a company that our employees are happy with not only from the working conditions but also compensation package perspectives.

Benefit Package

Social insurance, Employee Shareholding Association, Employees' Savings Scheme, Financing Facility, Retiring Benefit, Child/Family-Care Leave, Correspondence Course (fully-paid by company), Social Gatherings (Annual events such as bawling and skiing, support activities for company sports teams etc.), Sports Activity including baseball and soccer etc.


Employee cafeteria, Bath and shower room, lockers, Employee housing, Employee dormitory, Training facility etc.

Company Trips
  • Australia (2007), Korea (2008), Hokkaido (2010), Okinawa (2011), Hawaii (2013), Kyushu (2014), Las Vegas (2015), Hokkaido (2016), and Singapore (2017 scheduled)
Social Gathering

SAN-ETSU METALS Social Gatherings include below activities.

  • 1.Reporting employees’ thoughts and opinions to the company
  • 2.Events to deepen the relationship among employees (barbeque, sports festivals, ski trips etc.)
  • 3.Supporting events of company certified sports teams (baseball, soccer etc.)